Animal and Pet Poems

The Neglected Dog

by Vivien Wade

One of my friends had suffered pain
And met with a terrible fate,
Because some careless person
Went out and left open the gate.

Oh, we are loved and fussed over
When playful, cuddly and small,
But once the pup grows into a dog
Some people don’t love us at all.

Humans can be such a fickle race
Their behaviour is often quite strange.
Dogs remain faithful all their days,
While people are subject to change.

A human may have a friend one day,
Then the next day they won’t speak.
A dog remains loyal, faithful to you
Doesnʼt change his affections each week.

A dog is always a trustworthy friend,
Then if only humans could be,
More like us with our loveable ways
What a better world we would see.