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by Roann Mendriq

All the pets were very good,
in our Pet Peeve neighborhood.
The dogs shook hands and never chased
cars as it was such a waste.

Pet turtles kept to their own shell,
Parrots enquired, “Are you well?”
Hamsters said, “Excuse me please”,
every time they had to sneeze.

But in the house with the red tin tile,
lived a cat who would not smile.
Her green eyes glowed beguilingly,
And she was named...Catastrophe.

She'd chase the dogs right down the track,
She gave the birds a heart attack;
She'd spill the trash cans out of spite,
and never, ever was contrite.

She'd screech to sharpen all her claws,
leaving prints of dirty paws;
And Dadas muttered at such spree,
“Catastrophe! Catastrophe!”

Every night, she'd skulk and prowl,
Under the moon, she'd hunt and howl;
Till the babies wailed in bed,
while Mamas shook their tired heads.

She's slither down the red tile roof,
till all the dogs went woof-woof-woof;
And Mamas murmured to agree,
“Catastrophe! Catastrophe!”

But then one night of inky black,
a burglar stole in with a sack;
She pounced upon his crouching back,
proceeding swiftly to attack.

She clawed and chased him down the lane,
He howled in disbelief and pain;
And Mamas, Dadas cheered in glee,
“Catastrophe! Catastrophe!”

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