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Patriotic American Poems


by Michael Fournier Technical Sergeant USAF

I first saw you as a child when I could barely stand.
Then I swore my first allegiance with my heart beneath my hand.
My father whispered in my ear how proud that I should be.
Because you are the symbol of a land that’s free.

As I grew I learned of all the things that you had done.
You’ve led the way to battle, brought home every fallen son.
We looked to you for hope, when there was none in sight.
We think back to Fort McHenry, when you made it through the night.

Now that I’m a man, I’ve sworn a sacred oath to you.
I’ll fight for your protection, and beliefs that I hold true.
You never asked for my respect although you have it all.
I vow that I’ll fight to the death to never let you fall.

The other day my son and I were walking down the street.
We stopped to pay you our respect when we heard retreat.
He asked me why we did it, my boy just didn’t see.
So I bent and whispered in his ear, like my father once did for me.

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