Patriotic American Poems

Our American Flag

by Ellen Bailey

Our flag is one with colors every so bright
A symbol of goodwill and all that's right
It is a beacon for those who are oppressed
Who pine to live in the land of the blessed

It represents a dream to those from afar
That things can be much better than they are
They look upon our flag as an emblem of hope
When from their oppression they wish to elope

Our flag stands for freedom and basic human rights
It serve as a rally when against tyranny we must fight
It was conceived in battle when our country was young
And many have defended it since our liberty was won

It represents a place where dreams can come true
Where men and women can live the life they chose
Without fear from some maniacal regime
Standing ready to crush their dreams

Our flag stands for liberty and justice for all
It stands for a country ruled by law
And when in a parade I see it passing by
I cannot hide my patriotic pride