Ellen Bailey Poems

Concerned American

by Ellen Bailey

America, I am becoming concerned about you
You have taken the prayer out of our schools
A silent prayer never hurt anyone
But now you insist there be none

We can destroy our flag; the red, white and blue
But we are not allowed to carry a Bible to school
You allow profane music with destructive lyrics
But at the mention of God's name, you go ballistic

You insist we teach our kids about sex education
But withhold from them the "Book of Revelations."
You expound on the many virtues of diversity
But avoid the one good book that teaches charity

You are re-writing our history for posterity
Paying homage to a lot of secular deities
But in your new book there cannot be found
Any mention of the "Sermon on the Mount."

We are "One nation under God", you say
But you do not want this to be displayed
"In God We Trust" to you has become dated
And your belief in the Bible has become jaded

I believe this great nation is going astray;
That we are on a road going the wrong way
I hope you will change your sense of direction
And return to our Founding Fathers' conceptions

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