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Poems for Fathers
Poems for and about fathers


by Beautiful Chaos

My father was a stern, strong man,
Full of power and pride,
My youth was spent in rebellion,
His knowledge tossed aside.

He was not a man of soft kind words,
Great moments of affection,
But he was always there, watching out,
His love was his protection.

My youthful eyes could not see,
The man that I view now,
So full of care and loving wisdom,
Which I did disavow.

Though seldom spoken,the words are there,
In the action he does take,
Those moments he loves and forgives,
Even my worst mistake.

The time he takes to show concern,
When my path may stray,
Or the awkward words which still are spoken,
When we're in dismay.

I'd never trade a single moment,
Not one, end to start,
He is my dad, I am his girl,
Always in his heart.

Poems for Fathers