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Bowling With Flair

by Shelley W. Williams

We went bowling one night
and my game was going good,
I had reached a better score
than I ever thought I could.

It was getting late that night
and I knew we had to hurry,
My game was getting rapid
and my sight was getting blurry.

The score was a close tie
and the game was getting hot
I held the ball with a tight grip
and gave it everything I got.

The holes held tight my fingers
and I went down with the ball
it was stuck and I slid behind
from the moment of my fall.

With my feet up in the air
and a blank thought in my brain.
I knocked down every pin
when I went flying down the lane.

Embarrassment hit me hard
on the ground where I lay.
sounds of laughter found me
and I arose after my play.

With the ball in the lead
I had played it in a flash.
The room was soon spinning
from the moment of my crash.

I came out of there a loser
no matter how well I played.
The game was bitter sweet
after the best strike ever made.

Humorous and Funny Poems