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Fanny's Bloomers

by Shelley W. Williams

Linens, an armful of clothes
were set out to dry one day,
Fanny hung the clothes line
while Fred had much to say.

The laundry in the backyard
under a clear, azure sky,
A sudden change in weather
homemade bloomers waving bye.

The storm was unpredictable
that took them by surprise,
The wind blew up the linen
and stains lit up the skies.

High flying in a sudden gust
name sewn in each design,
Fanny was the one in shock
with bloomers on the power line.

The moment was unpleasant
for the flowers on her blouse,
A rooftop of many colors
adorned the neighbors house.

Tree branches were swaying
with towels and colored diapers,
Rags lost in the northern wind
would be no use as wipers.

Humorous and Funny Poems