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Spring Cleaning

by Vivien Wade

It's time to do a spring clean
House cleaning in every nook.
I'll try to make this my aim today,
Though I would much rather cook.

The windows all need washing,
Some are apt to spoil the view,
And as there are just so many
They take too much time to do

The linen press is a disaster.
It stores more than linen inside,
Light globes, plugs and electric cords
Have become a good place to hide.

Cupboards need urgent attention,
They're in such a dreadful mess.
The thought of all that work today
Puts me in a state of duress.

Now when I think of the pantry,
That really puts me to the test.
So I'll boil the kettle for tea,
Then maybe start after a rest.

It's time to do a spring clean,
But I'm in the mood to delay.
Thinking about it's worn me out
I'll leave it for some other day.

Spring cleaning now is completed,
The house looks exceptional.
All the stress was taken away
When I hired a professional.

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