Sympathy Poems

Tides of Time

by John Mark Boyd

Standing on a sandy beach
I ponder time and times
The passing years
The toils and tears
The loving heart that chimes

It rings aloud the love of loves
My joy within is wanting
Not knowing when
I'll love again
And ease her spirit's haunting

Soothing waves caress my feet
The salty waters flow
I send my thoughts
On ebbing tides
As tear drops with them go

Living just to sleep and dream
Time was just to borrow
Loving, caring
Giving, sharing
Not knowing of the morrow

My pain it seems will never end
For part of me is missing
Though she and I
Could almost fly
I'm grounded now and wishing

But just across the dark expanse
Beyond my understanding
Upon that shore
Where time's no more
I know my love is standing

She waits for me to pass the veil
My heart is not sublime
For there's no way
To rush the days
Or hurry tides of time