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Ode to Squirt

by Oris Schrag

My fish Squirt died today,
It makes me really sad,
He lived inside his fish bowl,
The only pet I had.

At first I didn’t like squirt,
To change his water was a pain,
You couldn’t use water with chlorine,
Mom said it would kill his brain.

Squirt was always hiding
Underneath a little rock,
Until today when he was floating,
On his side up on the top.

Now that squirt is gone I miss him,
My old buddy my old pal,
I hope he’s in fish heaven,
Swimming strong and doing well.

My room seems so empty now,
It’s not how I had it planned,
All that’s left is just a fish bowl,
Sitting empty on its stand.

Mom says I can get another pet,
To replace the one I had,
She hopes that if I get one,
I no longer will be sad.

But how can you replace a pet,
Especially one like squirt?
When just a little bit ago,
I buried him in the dirt.

I guess that with time passing,
My hurt will go away,
And I will again be happy,
And again will want to play.

Mom says were going out to eat,
And I can choose the place,
I think I’ll choose McDonalds,
A smile just crossed my face.

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