I Was With You. . .

by Richard John Scarr

I was with you when you cried last night.
And did my best to comfort you.
And though you looked so lost and lonely.
There was simply nothing I could do.

You clutched my photo to your breast,
and sobbed as though your heart would break.
While repeatedly you called my name.
And that was more than I could take.

And so you had me crying too,
as I kissed your face and stroked your hair.
And tried and tried, but all in vain,
to let you know that I was there.

And when you'd cried yourself to sleep,
I stayed there by your side.
But came the dawn, I had to leave,
and cross back o'er the "Great Divide"

Though we'd lived a life of happiness.
We knew one day we'd have to part.
And we knew there'd be a price to pay.
For the price of love is a broken heart.

So I prayed you'd be the first to go.
And leave me to bear the grief and pain.
And now I pray that God be kind,
and reunite us once again.

Sympathy Poems