Sympathy Poems

Darling Child

by Richard John Scarr

Darling child we really miss you,
and we thought you were our own.
For we had no way of knowing.
You had come to us on loan.

Like us, God too adores you.
And he showed you so much love.
For he sacrificed you to us.
And watched and missed you from above.

Your time with us went all too soon.
But in the short time that we had.
It was so magical and so much joy,
just to be your Mum and Dad.

Now we're left with only memories.
But darling child they are all of you.
For with you went, not just our love.
But our hearts went with you too.

And now God has you back again,
and in his tender care.
You have brought joy back into his heart.
And that of every Angel there.

And knowing we too have your love,
helps to ease the aching pain.
And I'm sure that when our time is due,
God will share you with us once again.