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If Houses Could Talk

by Peggy Munkres

If abandoned houses could talk, what would they say?
They surely served their purpose for that day.

They were shelters from the storms of life
Where children were raised with one's dear wife.

Families were happy with what they had
Gardens were raised, it was not all bad.

Water was drawn from a well just outside
And carried in the house where love did abide.

Children were seated around the table
Where thanks was given to God who is able

To supply their needs according to his riches
Even though patches were sewn on their breeches.

Coal oil lamps were the thing of the norm
And a wood burning stove to keep the room warm.

Indoor plumbing was never a thought
So baths were taken in a wash tub they bought.

Times were hard, that is for sure
But through tough times, they did endure.

Memories are what we have of the past.
Time is soon gone, it went by too fast.

So next time you see an old house by the road,
Think of the good times where families abode.

The house you now live in we know will not last,
But one thing I'm sure of, Heaven will be a blast.

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