Spiritual Poems

Quit Whining!

by Rick Fuller

As we pursue our dreams and callings,
Blazing a trail through everyday life.
Many encounters that we will have,
Are not so easy to take in stride.

To often the first thing we say,
Is the devil sure makes it tough.
We're quick to give him credit,
Whenever life's not fair enough.

He's the father of lies and evil,
So he loves the publicity that we give.
Slam the door in his stinkin' face,
Make him find somewhere else to live.

Don't invite him to come on in,
Or even acknowledge that he is there.
Why not give him what he deserves,
Replacing our whining with a Prayer.

Asking God to give us strength,
And be the Savior that we need.
Puts us on the winning team,
From Satan's grasp we are freed.

The Lamb of God has whipped the devil,
Once and for all, for each of us.
We alone give Satan his power,
If instead of prayer we choose to cuss.

We will all face certain problems,
Trials, pain, suffering and death,
In order to persevere past them all,
God's Word must be on our breath.

To give praise while in a dilemma,
Needs to be an ordinary thing.
Take a look at Paul and Silas,
When instead of crying began to sing.

All things are possible through Our Lord,
We need to know this and know it well.
The next time adversity comes a calling,
Just tell ole' Satan to go to Hell !