Beware the Demon

by John Mark Boyd

Behold the demon angel
Unholy in his essence
Seek ye not his counsel
Bask not in his presence

He offers tainted treasures
Received at your request
Laughing as he measures
The deeds they'll manifest

Drink not of his potion
He laced it with sedition
A sweet and tasty nectar
Devoid of all remission

His fruit is for the greedy
Desirous of vain riches
They vision fame and glory
But blindly fall in ditches

His truth is twisted logic
Boasting of his power
Lying ruby lips will taste
The souls that he'll devour

Subdue your emulations
Your heresies and hate
Commit no fornication
Nor cursings contemplate

Beware this demon angel
And harvest not his grain
Or ye shall know of brimstone
And Hell's eternal flame

Spiritual and Religous Poems