Ellen Bailey Poems
Patriotic Poems

Freedom's Scripture

by Isaac J. Bacon

One, the right to speak,
And worship as you so choose.
Such a radical idea that they wrote,
Was still worldly new.

Two, the right to own a gun,
Defense of your well-being.
The idea of an armed populace
Has tyrannical statists seething.

Three, no forced housing.
In war or peace
soldiers cannot live
Inside your house without consent,
Because it is yours to give.

Four, the right to deny a search,
None of it without legality.
Your property and home
can’t be looked through
In the American reality.

Five, innocent till proven guilty
In order to be punished for crime.
They must know for sure you did it
If you’re gonna do the time.

Six, the right to trial,
No lynchings or shootings permitted.
Unless of course the accused resists arrest,
Then, he cannot be acquitted.

Seven, the right to jury at trial,
To be judged by honest women and men.
To see the case legally and morally
And only to decide the verdict then.

Eight, no cruel punishment or excessive bail,
If the crime does not permit.
A mall shooter and a small town shoplifter,
May not get the same verdict.

Nine, basic human rights,
That aren’t listed still exist.
Choosing your job, spouse,
hobbies, and friends
Not a single right dismissed.

Ten, the reservation of rights not listed
Are left to the local rule.
To let the people decide state law,
Instead of having the government do.

Other nation’s constitutions
Give privileges to it’s people.
Ours sets rules on the government

To show them who’s a top the steeple.
Our freedom is our most precious gift,
And selling it for free things is no deal.
What on earth would the founders think,
If they knew the way we feel.

Our right to choose our own fate
Without government control
Was, is, and will be sacred
To Americans as a whole.

Let us fight as if the fate
Of the world rests simply on us.
Because as Americans, it kinda does
And survival is a must.

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