My Father Who...

by Tim Evans

My father who was always the greatest,
He was a king above all the rest.
He knew I was not always the best son,
but he never became distressed.

His voice was that of a song; firm yet fair,
Always spoke with such confidence, tenderness, and care.
The power of his will was nothing short of vigorous,
To him, the fight was only a part of the business.

As a fighter, my father went 53-0,
Until the Lord decided to call him home.
Heroes are not found very often,
But when they are, they are never forgotten.

He illuminated with the love I saw in his eyes,
A love only God can give, given without compromise.
He stood by my side many a time,
And kept me going with his unrelenting pride.

As hard as it is for me to write this,
Some memories sad, others with extreme bliss.
I will always love him more than he will ever know,
He will forever be my father, my friend, my hero.

Poems for Fathers