Ellen Bailey Poems

The Gift of Easter

by Bill Marshall

Upon a hill between two thieves
they hung Christ on a tree.
They mocked Him and they tortured Him,
for everyone to see.

They nailed a sign above His head,
this is the "King of Jews."
Then one thief said, "If this is true,
save both of us and you."

And as the people watched Him there,
the rulers sneered at Him.
This sacrificial Lamb of God,
he took our place for sin.

"Forgive them Father" was His prayer,
"because they do not know."
You sent me here to do this task,
give sin a final blow.

Christ paid a debt He did not owe,
for a debt we could not pay.
He gave his life upon that cross,
so we may live someday.

To see Him on His heavenly throne,
to see Him in His glory.
To give Him honor, to give Him praise,
to sing "The old, old story."

Oh think of that great love Christ had,
to give His life for me.
To shed His blood, to pay the price,
in all humility.

To take my sin upon Himself
and pay that debt for me.
By this great deed and by His word,
I know I am set free.

Set free from sin, set from guilt,
set free from Satan's power.
Set free to overcome these things,
the trials of this hour.

Then joy throughout the universe,
the joy of that third day.
Christ conquered death, He rose again.
That stone was rolled away.

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