My Old Horse

by Ronnie Brackett

I still can see those trembling legs,
The first time you would stand,
My new born colt just stared at me,
And gently touched my hand.

The bond we felt when we were young,
You’d follow me around,
You grew so big and beautiful
I’d ride you, O so proud.

We had so many treasured times,
Both rain and sunny days,
The things we shared so long ago,
Remain with me today.

We’d run across the grass and trails,
Those playful times we had,
Still, I see your big brown eyes,
And now… my eyes are sad.

You've carried me for many years,
So loyal you have been,
My heart will always carry you,
When I ‘remember when’.

My old horse died at thirty-two,
I’m saddled with memories,
Of riding on my favorite horse,
Wonderful times for me.

I say “so long” to an old, old friend,
In tears, this is goodbye,
My heart will always ride with you,
As you gallop through the sky.

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