When The Lord Made Our Mum

by Richard John Scarr

Lord, You knew what you were doing,
when you made our Mum.
You knew you'd reached perfection,
and could never make another one.

You had made a one off model.
So you threw away the mold.
You gave Mum the patients of a Saint,
and a heart of pure gold!

You gave her eyes that never looked
for fault in anyone.
You filled her soul with so much love,
and compassion by the ton.

You gave her sympathetic ears,
and such understanding too.
She would always lend a helping hand,
if there was something she could do.

Friends can come, and friends can go.
But there was no friend like our Mum.
Lord. you must have felt so proud,
when you saw just what you'd done.

To some she might have seemed naive.
But those who love her know her worth.
For Lord. When you created Mum,
you placed an Angel on this earth.

Poems for and About Mothers