Christmas Poems

The Joys of Christmas

by Author Unknown

Christmas is the time of year
That people like the most
It brings a lot of warmth and cheer
And a Happy Christmas toast.

It’s the time of year when people give
Not only to themselves
Of course they have a little help
From Santa and his Elves.

The tree is nicely decorated
With tinsel all around
You can smell hot chocolate in the air
And see the presents on the ground.

When it’s time for Santa to come
The children are all asleep
Except the ones who do wake up
To take a little peek.

When they wake up in the morning
It will be Christmas Day
They’ll open all their Christmas gifts
That Santa brought their way.

They’ll play all day with their toys
Until they fall asleep
This is when Santa feels
His job is finally complete.

No more presents no more cheer
Until this time next year
When he’s ready he’ll be back
To ring in that Christmas cheer.