Ellen Bailey Poems

Freedom Flies

by John Otto

Blowing in the wind is her 13 stripes
dark blue cloth behind stars that are white,
In Arlington cemetery over a fallen hero's grave
look from a distance and you will see her colors wave,

On a working man's porch in the mid-summer heat
on a highway to Wisconsin on the back of a jeep,
Down in south Texas she flies high on the farm
to terrorists and tyrants she's a frightening alarm,

In the corner of a classroom she hangs on the wall
where we fold her up tightly and don't let her fall,
In a 3rd world country she's a sign of hope
like watching a soldier with food sliding down on a rope,

A light shines upon her on a ship out to sea
as she makes her way back to the place men are free,
The statue of liberty was built in her name
but that is not the only monument that has earned her fame,

Like a trumpets call early morning on a base
or her colors held up after a tough Olympic race,
Like a kid in the summer jumping into a lake
or the smell of apple pie just freshly baked,

Back to back champs her colors never ran
like a Friday night feel good in a Budweiser can,
Like sparklers and fireworks on the 4th of July
or six flags great America on a roller coaster ride,

Like lightening bugs and stars on a hot summer night
like a soldier in uniform running back to the fight,
From her wide skies to her rolling plains
to the monument of men who all signed their names,

Their is nothing to hate she's a beauty I swear
the land of opportunity where all are treated fair,
We the people a democracy of men
so stand up and salute cause this we'll defend,

And when I die and I am taken above
I pray I see this land this nation that I love,
And when I grow old no matter what I do
I'll never be afraid to fly that red, white, and blue.

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