Ellen Bailey Poems

Looking for God?

by May Fenn

Are you endlessly searching?
Yet still looking for God?
But never can find him
That is really quite odd.

You need to look nearer
The solution is true.
That God is much closer
For God is with YOU.

Each time you respond
To the need of another,
A Partner, a stranger,
Your Father or Mother

You’re sharing the spirit
God kindles in us
The power to do good
Without making a fuss.

For God is just that,
An urge deep within
To strive at his bidding
For a life without sin.

Stop looking for God
Let him come to you.
Show that you’ve found him
In the good that you do.

Let all of your actions
Be loving and caring
Then by the joy in your heart
Know it’s his love you’re sharing.

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