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An Actor's Revenge

by Richard John Scarr

He had positioned himself stage center.
And was giving the audience his all.
When suddenly a seat went up with a "Crash!"
And a woman walk down from the stalls.

And ignoring the audience hissing.
And the thespian's renderings too.
She crossed in front of the Footlights.
And disappeared into the Loo.

And feeling decidedly slighted.
The actor waited, enraged.
And when the woman came out of the Loo,
he walked to the front of the stage.

Then adopting a theatrical posture.
And in a voice filled with venom and bite.
That carried its way clear up to the Gods
He delivered the best of the night!

He said: "Madam. Whilst there in the privy.
Could you hear my excellent King Lear?
You couldn't? Well I find that amazing.
For we heard you quite clearly out here!

Humorous and Funny Poems