The Meanest Mother

by Vivien Wade

I have the meanest mother,
She makes me obey her rule,
I must eat all my breakfast,
Before leaving home for school.

I have the meanest mother,
Sometimes her rule do hurt,
I have to eat all of my vegies,
Before I can have dessert.

I have the meanest mother,
Who sometimes I try to fool,
Pretending I don't feel well,
Still makes me go to school

I have the meanest mother,
Who makes me do my chores,
If I don't clean my bedroom
Then I can't play out of doors.

I thought I had the meanest mother,
But the opposite was quite true,
I realized how much she loved me,
Guided and praised me when due

A rule my mother taught me,
A standard for all mothers,
Was as I wanted to be treated,
The same I should treat others.

My friend had a nicer mother,
An illusion it turned out to be,
He was able to do what he liked,
Now he's in jail - not free.

Poems for and About Mothers