Spiritual Poems

The Longest Journey...

by Richard John Scarr

It's a long, long way to heaven.
A hard climb to journey's end.
But it's a road that each of us must take.
Though fraught with twists and bends.

And adding to our burden,
will be temptations on the way.
Whilst the bends grow ever steeper,
every time we go astray.

At times we'll journey forward.
just to find we are moving back.
Or going round in circles,
because we've wandered off the track.

It's a lonely road to heaven.
If we choose to walk alone.
But if we walk with Jesus Christ.
His steps will lead us home.

He will not smooth out our pathway.
For there are lessons to be learned.
But by walking at his elbow,
he will lead us through the turns.

It's a long long, road to heaven.
But we can, with dogged stride.
Climb until we reach the top.
With the good Lord at our side.