Spiritual Poems

And God Said

by Richard John Scarr

Be not afraid, my precious ones,
when your time on earth is through.
Death- is but a change of life.
No harm will come to you.

No need to fret or worry,
when transition time is nigh.
Would I create my children,
just to let them die?

For as your children are to you.
That's how you are to me!
And the tender love you feel for them,
I feel for you, my family.

You are all my sons and daughters.
Every color, culture, creed.
And I placed you on the earth plain,
to love, and help each other's needs.

Though at times you may feel lonely.
We walk together, you and I.
I would never let you walk alone.
I am always at your side.

I share in all your pleasures.
Your heart aches, and your pain.
As you learn the things that must be learned,
whilst there upon the earthly plain.

No good deed goes unnoticed.
No kind gesture made in vain.
You will each receive your just rewards,
when I bring you safely home again.