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Christmas Crackers!!

by Damian Murphy

Oh dear God! Is that the date?
Please tell me it’s not true
I did not know it was that late,
I’ve got so much to do

I might be ready at a push,
if I do not panic
But it will be an awful rush,
possibly quite manic

So much Christmas fare to make,
I do not know where to start
Three puddings and at least one cake,
oh I must not fall apart

Then there are the letters for Santa,
cards for the relations
And of course the Christmas tree,
plus all the decorations

And I must order the turkey,
and not forget the ham
why do I bring this on me,
I’m stupid so I am

And do not forget the stuffing,
the veg and the gravy
brandy sauce for the pudding,
oh this will be the death of me

I have to buy so many presents,
but there will be no shocks
Last year I saw sense,
after I received so many socks

I must not forget anyone,
just in case they visit
I know I will forget someone,
oh it’s not worth it, is it?

I am so busy I cannot think,
and time is getting near
Oh I must not forget the drink,
like I did last year

I need to get the kids new clothes
and probably new shoes
Why I do it only God knows,
because they hate everything I choose

Which parties will I attend,
it is really hard to know
Because it drives people round the bend,
when I accept and then don’t show

There is a list of people I must see,
or should I disappear
I think they are still mad at me,
for not visiting last year

Oh there is so much to organize
for this Christmas Day
But after being up to my eyes
I might just sleep the day away

But ‘tis the season of good cheer
a time to show goodwill
But as the day draws ever near
I am sometimes fit to kill

I will do my best to get it done,
I have my mind set
To make sure that everyone
has their best Christmas yet

So I must get my finger out,
that much I do know
Because there are only about …..
fifty weeks to go!

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