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Appreciate Your Mother

by Vivien Wade

It was only after I was married,
And became a mother of two,
That I really appreciated mother,
And all that work she had to do

In those days, many years ago,
Electrical appliances weren't around,
These are now taken for granted,
For everywhere they can be found.

No longer do I use an old copper,
Boiling sheets to make them white.
Or use a hard wooden scrub board,
As she did, to scrub soil out of sight.

Washing was pegged on a clothes line,
Dryers not thought of in her day,
The sheets were put through a mangle,
I'm thankful I don't work that way

Most mother's today wouldn't know,
How long that wash day could be,
When using these slow contraptions,
Little time on wash day was free.

Don't wait until you are married,
Appreciate her now, while you may,
Mothers today have many pressures,
So show her you love her each day.

Poems for and About Mothers