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Mother's Day

by Don Wells

In the bedroom you're a lover
in the kitchen you're a chef
with the kids you are a doctor
when do you ever rest?

With the bills you're an accountant
with the house work you're a maid
with the neighbors you are a diplomat
you're worth more than i could pay

At the gym you are my trainer
at the pool a lifeguard too
at the park you are a watch dog
is there nothing you can't do?

We may not ever know
all the jobs that you have done
but as many as you've had
can i add another one?

The title's CEO
and you've just been hired
as for all the other jobs...
let's say that you've retired

We thank you for the hard work
but your working days are through
and so from here on out
let us take care of you

Poems for and About Mothers