Poems for Self-Esteem

An Ocean of Angst

by Don Wells

It seems like we live in an ocean of angst
telling us we shouldn't, we dare not, we can’t
we can find so many ways in which we can fail
that we just spin in circles, chasing our tail

And listening to strangers' whispers of doubt
but ignoring the voices of friends that shout out
“yes! you can do it! we believe in you”
and deep down in your heart you know it is true

Because you see people, simple and plain,
accomplishing miracles every day
they are the dreamers, the crackpots, the few
but they're not any more special than you

We all have great dreams within our grasp
but to make them a reality we need to ask
will you succeed if you try your best?
the answer, of course, is a resounding yes!

Because every time you try to excel
whether you succeed or, more likely, fail
each attempt you make is a single push up
not much by itself, but they eventually add up

And even if you find that you're dream has departed
you'll find that you're stronger than when you started
so pick a new dream and keep trying again
and success is bound to be yours in the end