Ellen Bailey Poems

Teacher's Pest

by Roann Mendriq

It was a usual day at school
and Teacher seemed quite stern,
She glared at us and didn’t smile,
and scolded us to learn.

I sat in silence, grumpily,
twiddling both my thumbs,
And tried my best to concentrate
on multiplication sums.

Teacher sat down in her chair
with her glasses on her nose
when suddenly her scolding stopped -
We looked and she just...froze!

A spider had descended
from its home up on the ceiling,
and she just sat there transfixed
devoid of any feeling.

Her face was like a ghastly mask,
Her eyes looked up in fear
And as the spider peered at her,
one thing was made quite clear.

Teachers are also human,
They have fears like you and me,
That's what I learnt in school today,
and my heart was filled with glee!

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