Love Poems

It's Just A Card

by Kevin Daniel

It's just a card,
so I would say
And it shouldn't matter anyway
If I miss this year,
who would really care
She wouldn't confront me,
that wouldn't be fair

You can't eat it or spend it,
It just sits there
On a table or mantle
Who would really care

A Card, a simple card
What more could it be
A few short verses
Not written by me

But what if I'm wrong
What if it means so much more
To the one who receives it
To the one I adore

My wife, my love
My better part
The one that I hold
so dear to my heart

It could mean so much more
Than the things I could do
So for you this short poem
I have written for you

To say in these words
That "I love you my dear"
And its not "just a card"
That I'll remember next year.