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My Mum

by Racheal Mcleod

My Mum she's a star
she's very hard working
I tell her I love her she says it back
and she never stops smurking

She's my one and only Mum
she takes me to my favorite store
She buys me heaps of presents
and that just makes me love her more

She loves drinking coke
she drinks it a heaps
She likes playing the computer
and sometimes she doesn't get any sleep

She gets a bit annoying
but that's what I love about her
She kicks the ball like a man
so I call her sir

My Mum has eight kids
that is a lot
But she loves all of us equally
and none of us sleep in cots

She's my Mum
and I love her much more than I can explain
She's the bestest thing in my life
and in some ways we are the same.

Poems for and About Mothers