My Heart And I

by Nikoshiana Flowerday

If my heart could speak
Then what would it say
Would it answer the questions
I ask it each day

Would it confirm to me
What I know to be true
That I was not alive
Until I laid eyes on you

Would it tell me that we
Are two halves of a whole
And that in your eyes
There lies my soul

Would it explain all things
But especially this
Why I become hopelessly
Lost in your kiss

Would it tell me that I
Had been travelling through
Lonely oceans of time
Before I found you

Would it tell me the reason
I carry a flame
That will only ignite
To the sound of your name

Would it explain me to how
You light up my day
And warm up my nights
With all that you say

Or would it simply confirm
What I know to be true
That it and I
Are in love with you

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