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Darkest Hour Before Dawn

by Vishesh Thakur

When the night is cold,
And nothing keeps you warm,
When the world feels like a sinking ship,
Just like a fleet caught up in a storm.

When your dreams all fail,
And you think you can't make through it.
When you gaze at the stars and think and think,
And you don't like yourself even a bit.

When you isolate yourself from the world,
And get lost in a world of dreams,
But in the end even if you try,
You can't forget those evil screams.

When you forget the love,
And close for eyes,
But deep down there, in your heart,
You still want to touch the skies.

When you want to quit and end the game,
And think that you are all torn.
Just go and get back on the track,
As the darkest hour comes just before the dawn.

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