Listen To Your Heart

by Denny Lammers

Oh beautiful woman, give me your hand
Feel my heart beating, do you not understand
The world keeps on turning but my life stands still
To be lost in your memory is such a bitter pill

Your beauty abounds both inside and out
My chest near exploding, I just want to shout
To watch you walk by or hear your sweet voice
Transfixed by your presence, for me there's no choice

When I play with your hair or kiss your soft cheek
My whole body trembles, my knees become weak
Just being close to you means so much
A wayward glance, a gentle touch

Any excuse to fade back in time
When life was so wonderful and you were mine
God knows my heart to be good and true
It's with wisdom and hindsight that I come back to you

I know what I was and I know what I am
You make me want to be a much better man
We belong together, of this I am sure
Listen to your heart and fear me no more

Your thoughts may be hidden but the truth you can't fight
When the love burns again, just do what is right
So love me now as you loved me then
And I promise to never hurt you again

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