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The Earthworm

by Donna Word Chappell

Mrs. Brown had taught first grade
for twenty years or more.
She was a real good teacher;
all the folks knew that for sure.

One day in her zeal to teach
her students helpful things
She chose drinking whiskey,
and the problems that it brings.

She poured some whiskey in a glass
so they could plainly see,
Then showed to them an earthworm.
All the students squealed with glee.

"See how he wiggles and moves so fast,"
said Mrs. Brown, and then
She dropped him straight down in the glass.
They didn't understand.

She held the glass, and then she said,
"Now, come and look inside."
They looked, and it was plain to see,
he had shriveled up and died.

"Now children," she said tenderly,
"you've all looked at this worm.
"Can anyone explain today
the lesson that you've learned?"

All the students shook their heads,
but Johnny raised his hand.
"I know, I know," Little Johnny said.
"I know! I understand!"

Mrs. Brown saw Johnny's hand
and she was very glad.
With glowing eyes and a happy heart,
she looked at him and said,

"All right, Johnny. Stand up, now,
and tell them what you learned."
"If you drink whiskey all the time,
you never will have worms!"

Humorous and Funny Poems