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Power of Youth

by Eduard Kenneth Au

Just look inside you, feel it in your heart.
There's something in there, something like a park.
It's so magnificent, full of vigor.
It's the power of youth you should savor.

Don't squander it, put it to good use, friend.
Else, you'll be sorry and cry in the end.
With this power, you can do lots of things,
Just think about the joy a good deed brings.

Let's not indulge in smoking and liquor,
Those things are bad, and they cause some terror.
Eat healthy and have lots of exercise,
Let's take care of our own bodies, it's nice!

Why don't we move closer to God, brothers?
He gave us all, including our fathers.
Practice holiness and serve Him truly.
Love one another. Let's seek Him early.

Chance for salvation is not there always.
Grab the opportunity, change your ways.
Let's strive for sanctity; our knees, let's bend.
A time will come when the whole world will end.

Even if you gain the whole world indeed,
It's useless if you're in a wicked creed.
For what shall gold profit a somebody,
If he'll lose his soul for eternity?

Again, I tell you, my beloved friend,
Use your power to repent, not offend.
Never act like a savage, it's not good.
Everyone, let us all do what we should.

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