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Because of You

by John Tucker

Why has my life so changed with you?
My every hope and dream come true.
Simple fate or just pure chance?
I don't believe in happenstance.

A greater power, much stronger than,
any power known to man.
Has brought me you, down from the sky.
and to this day I don't know why.

But because of you I feel complete,
a happiness I can't retreat.
You've brought new meaning to my life,
I thank the Lord for you my Wife.

You make me proud, by compliment,
my smallest task or non-event.
A man should feel this way I sense,
yet so few don't in self defense.

Much wasted time has passed before,
in days an empty pointless score.
But because of you and all you give,
I now have purpose, now I live.

My vow to you princess delight,
to love you each day and night.
Forever thankful through and through,
a blessed man, because of you

Love Poems