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Dear Mother-in-Law

by Michael Weber

To the mother of my wife
I have some things to say
So many things to thank you for
Lord, help me find a way

I see your love in my wife's eyes
The way you held her close
Of all the people in your life
She knows you loved her most!

Your love spills out with every breath
With every sigh and laugh
When she tells of you and dad
in some hilarious gaff

And when she looks at me
With soft and tender eyes
I know it's 'cause her heart was filled
With love from someone wise

From her youth she heard the words
That strengthened her young soul
And now those words pour forth from her
Like water from a bowl

She builds the words, thoughts and deeds
She learned from you, her Mom
Into her own blessed children
like a precious healing balm

She weaves a strong yet tender wall
Of Love around us all
So all her children are kept safe
From every slip and fall

Every day I see your love
In what she says and does
And I say a prayer to God each day
For your heart, your prayers and your loves

Poems for and About Mothers