Christmas Birthday Cake

by Roann Mendriq

Armed with an apron, and dollops of good cheer,
I set down to baking, 'round this time, last year;
Humming a carol, that lifted my heart,
I proceeded to start with, my work of art.

With ingredients in order, I whispered to me,
Oh goodie! what a heavenly cake this would be!
(And so it was, in more ways than one,
You'll see about that, when this poem is done!)

I dusted the batter, with rare, precious spice,
I sifted the flour, once and then twice!
The batter was light, like gossamer silk,
It glistened and glowed, as I poured in the milk!

Then, into the oven, I placed it to bake,
daydreaming with delight, of the time we'd partake
at the grand Christmas party, in front of the crowd,
At the Ooohs! and the Ahhhs!, Oh! I'd be so proud!

All my friends would be there, they'd fawn over me,
They would beg, they would plead, for my cake recipe!
I would smile, toss my head, and smile bashfully,
And then, I'd oblige, ever so benevolently!

My cake rose like the sun, burnished pure gold,
A true masterpiece! A sight to behold!
My delight was delicious, almost exhausting,
as I iced it with a, creamy pale frosting.

On the table, it stood, like an ivory sculpture,
gleaming and glowing; my heart filled with rapture;
The warm fragrance of baking, mingled with spice,
Then, I heard a small voice, “May we please have a slice?”

I spun around indignant, now who could this be?
Who dared to interrupt, my sweet reverie?
Who dared to demolish, with such babarity
a cake fit to be saved, for all posterity?

T'was bunch of street children, with the roundest of eyes,
that sparkled and gleamed, like stars in the skies;
They gazed at the cake, as if to adore and revere,
and the meaning of Christmas became suddenly clear.

We sat at the table, those children and I
and ate up that cake, don't ask me why...!
They laughed as the frosting, spread over my face,
and cake crumbs were scattered like stars on my lace!

That grand Christmas party, could do without me,
My friends could just find, another recipe!
I had discovered the true Christmas joy,
by sharing my cake with the BirthdayBoy!

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