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Evening Classes

by Roger Turner

Down at our local college,
They have started evening classes.
But when I tried to join one,
I was told ‘they’re just for the lasses!’

Now I know it all sounds sexist,
By excluding men like me.
But I didn’t want to participate.
Just to be there to see.

No, it’s not the ladies painting,
Some naked handsome fellow
Or making pretty party frocks.
In every shade of yellow.

Nor is it decorating,
Some suckers wedding cake.
Or knitting babies booties,
Although they think that’s great.

No, their chosen weekly tuition,
Means taking off their woolen vests,
And gyrating kind of sensually,
One thing that girls do best.

For the classes I’ve been banned from,
Are full of ladies busy prancing.
And the secret thing they all enjoy?
It’s Turkish Belly Dancing.

They let their tassels dangle,
In a right seductive way,
And I will promise this to you,
I’ll get in there one day.

But now I better concentrate,
And work out a cunning plan.
So I can be the very first,
Belly Dancing Man

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