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If I Were Boss

by Norma Kibbe

If I were boss I would like to say:
"You did a good job here today."
I'd look for a man, a girl or boy
Whose heart would leap with a thrill of joy.

A word of appreciation, I'd pass it out
Where the crowd would hear as I walked about.
If I were boss I would like to find
The fellow whose work is the proper kind.

And whenever to me a good thing came
I'd ask to be told the toiler's name,
And I'd go to him, I'd pat his back
And I'd say, "That was perfectly splendid, Jack!"

Now a bit of appreciation isn't much to give,
But it's dear to the hearts of all who live;
And there's never a man on this good old earth
But is glad to be told he's been of worth.

And a kindly word, when the work is fair,
Is welcome and wanted everywhere.
If I were boss I am sure I would
Say a kind word whenever I could.

For a man who has given his best by day
Wants a little more than his weekly pay;
He likes to know, with the setting sun,
That his boss is pleased with the work he's done.

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