Ellen Bailey Poems

Quitters Never Win

by Anonymous

The man who quits has a brain and hand,
As good as the next but lacks the sand
That would make him stick with courage stout,
To whatever he tackles and fight it out.

He starts with a rush and a solemn vow
That he'll soon be showing others how;
Then something new catches his roving eye,
And his task is left for the bye-and-bye.

It's up to each man what will become of him,
He must find in himself the grit and vim
That brings success; he can get any skill,
If he takes to the task a steadfast will.

No man is beaten till he gives in;
Hard luck can't stand for a cheerful grin;
The man who fails needs a better excuse,
Than the quitter's whining, "What's the use?"

For the man who quits lets his chances slip.
Because he's too lazy to keep his grip.
The man who sticks goes ahead with a shout,
While the man who quits joins the, "Down and out."

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