Ellen Bailey Poems

The New Kid

by Mike Makley

Our baseball team never did very much,
We had me and PeeWee and Earl and Dutch.
And the Oak Street Tigers always got beat
Until the new kid moved in on our street.

The kid moved in with a mitt and a bat
And an official New York Yankee hat.
The new kid plays shortstop or second base
And can outrun us all in any place.

The kid never muffs a grounder or fly
No matter how hard it's hit or how high.
And the new kid always acts quite polite,
Never yelling or spitting or starting a fight.

We were playing the league champs just last week;
They were trying to break our winning streak.
In the last inning the score was one-one,
When the new kid swung and hit a home run.

A few of the kids and their parents say
They don't believe that the new kid should play.
But she's good as me, Dutch, PeeWee or Earl,
So we don't care that the new kid's a girl.

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