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One Nation Without God

by Ron Tranmer

America, the beautiful.
Home of the brave and free,
is threatened by an evil
that we don’t seem to see.

We are “One nation, under God”.
Guided by His loving light,
but we’ll be a nation “without” God
if we don’t stand and fight.

We, the vast majority,
must join hand in hand
before the small minority
takes God’s name from our land.

No matter our religion,
we have a job to do;
We must band together
to defeat the ungodly few.

God gave us freedom in this land
to worship and to pray.
How can we idly just sit by
watching it be taken away?

There is a God in Heaven.
Let’s not let His light go dim.
How can He bless us from above
if we won’t acknowledge Him?

Patriotic American Poems