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To Stop And Chat

by Darryl Ashton

Have you ever noticed,
Those people on the wing?
The ones that always pass you by,
And never say a thing.

And even though you know them,
They hurry past in haste,
No quick hello or friendly smile -
They have no time to waste.

You're only out for just a walk,
You didn't want to stop and talk.
Perhaps a quick hello
Lingering for just a while.

But no, those people on the wing,
Never want to say a thing.
Their minds are full of this and that;
There isn't time to stop and chat.

Except, of course, when they're not well,
Then they stop and have to tell,
Of all the aches and pains they've got -
And then, of course, you get the lot.

Mrs. B was just like that,
Never had the time to chat,
Hurrying by at such a pace,
The 'don't stop me' look upon her face.

Mrs. B had things to do,
Had no time to talk to you.
One day I called to Mrs. B:
'Please stop for once and listen to me.'

I stopped and whispered
with a snickers:
'You've got your dress
tucked in your knickers.'

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