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Christmas Poems

A GI Christmas Tree

by Ellen Bailey

I won't be home for Christmas this year
Uncle Sam has me helping our Allies over here
But do think of me when you go for a stroll
When you are wandering about in the wintry cold

I plan to have a Christmas tree just like you
The Lord will provide it, so I won't be blue
My Christmas tree will be for everyone to see
The Heavens above will be become my tree

The stars will be the lights that make it glow
The scatter clouds I'll pretend will be the snow
I will use the Milkyway for all the trimmings
And I will top it off with a Moon that is beaming

My tree will be on display Christmas night
So please stay up late and catch the sight
Look for the presents; they are there too
The presents are the love I have for you

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